Anne Davey Koomans received her first copyright in 1994 for her Christian drama Witness of the Innkeeper. Anne has performed this forty-two minute drama over 200 times in many countries, states, aboard ships, and at churches, schools, and nursing homes.

Anne was born in 1937 during an ice storm. The doctor drove his horse and surrey to New Richmond, Indiana to deliver Anne at home. Anne is a strong Christian and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior when she was twelve. Being in God’s will for her life has always been Anne’s greatest desire.

As the youngest of six children, Anne often sat around the family dinner table, telling stories. One person would start the story, then each family member added a paragraph until someone was able to bring the story to an end.

At school, Anne’s teachers recognized her talents and encouraged her to become a professional writer. Writing has always been in the corner of Anne’s heart, but life took her in other directions. Classes, jobs, marriage, children, grandchildren, teaching and leadership roles at church, speaking at Christian retreats, and volunteering, left little time for writing.

Traveling and photography with family and friends to forty-nine states (sorry North Dakota), and cruises and flights to more than fifty countries and islands have provided fond memories. Anne has taken photos from the wheelchair lift on Dave’s van, helicopters, hot air balloons, planes, or lying on her back to get unique shots of light houses, Notre Dame Gargoyles, and many other positions needed to get the photo she wanted.

Anne has two daughters and one son. She has also been blessed with three granddaughters and two grandsons. Holding and photographing baby pandas in Chengdu, China is a special memory they share. Time spent with her family is the most important chapter in her life.



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