How to Go Above and Beyond Your Limits

Everyone has dreams and goals—you’re no exception—but only a few people actually achieve them. Most do not even try because of their limits. These limits make everything feel much harder to accomplish and strike fear due to the risks brought about. 

But why do we fear our limits? Venturing to the edge of your limits is frightening because it involves stepping into the unknown, where you risk failure and defeat. We want to live life, but most of us would rather stay in the safe zone. This is the reason why you’ve never put your thoughts and ideas into action. The safe zone gives you what you need: comfort, security, and the ability to feel that you’re in control. There is nothing wrong with them, but is playing safe giving you the best chance to live the life you’ve always wanted? Your comfort zone will make you feel secure, but it is not where you will discover your potential. When you live in comfort, you stay the same. Humans are wired for growth, and taking risks is an essential component in living. Staying within your limits will bring you no answers. You’ll be forever haunted by the what-ifs in life. 

Be more like David Davey, the center of the book Beyond Barriers. Anne Davey Koomans described how David rose above his physical ability to fulfill his life’s purpose. David Davey, despite being wheelchair-bound, has pushed his limits and went above and beyond everyone’s expectations. He is the living proof that it is only when you venture to the edge of your comfort zone that your limits will expand. Below are some of the tips you’ll get from reading the amazing story book by Davey Koomans

Create Big Picture Goals

It takes a lot of focus to push beyond your limits, and where you put your focus matters a lot. You might know where you are now, but do you know where you need to go? Imagine the next level you’re aiming for. What do you want to be doing one year from now? Five years from now? Even ten years from now? It’s essential to have an idea of what you want as this will drive you to get things done. This is something that will fill you with passion. 

Adjust Your Mindset

One thing that is stopping you is your mind. It is your greatest weapon and your greatest enemy. The way you think can help you immensely in accomplishing anything you want. The reality is, your mind is yours to control. But if you don’t, if you assume it’s your master, it will do as it pleases, spiraling into negativity, depression, and lethargy. For many, the mindset will convince them to quit the path they’re taking as it gets too challenging. If you accept this, then you will never push your limits. You can either continue letting it rule over you. Training your mind to become more optimistic will eventually make your mindset strong enough to overcome your limits. 

Put Yourself Out There

The majority of us are afraid of the unknown. We feel threatened by what lies for us on the other side. The desire for safety and security is what most of us want. No one wants to fail, which makes us want to stay within our comfort zone more. When there is an unknown chance of success or failure in our ventures, we become more afraid of moving forward. But, if you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never know what the unknown will bring. Bear in mind that every day you are in the unknown. You don’t know what tomorrow brings to you. So, why not put yourself out there and embrace the unknown? 

Embrace Bigger Challenges

The most common activity to push yourself beyond your limit and go beyond things unimaginable is to take on challenges. You go against the current you are in and take the hard path than what you’re used to. Not pushing your capabilities will leave you in limbo, feeling lost and stuck within your safe zone. Without challenges, you’ll never experience any growth, and this causes stagnation and eventually despair. Therefore, if you want to live a fulfilling and happy life, enthusiastically embrace challenges that are harder than what you’re used to. And only through this, you’ll be comfortable to take a step outside your safe zone, bringing you closer to your dreams. 

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