On Feeling Worthless: What You Can Do About It

There will be days or weeks where nothing seems to be working, all motivation is gone, self-esteem is running empty, and you’re feeling worthless. Experiencing the lowest of low and thoughts of worthlessness can be unpleasant, even frightening at times. This emotion can be triggered at any time but is often derived from a major life transition, trauma, difficulties, or other life stressors. 

You are not alone. A lot are suffering in silence with feelings of inadequacy and insignificance and don’t know what to do about it. This sinking self-worth made it difficult for many to function normally in daily life, with some ending up depressed. Feelings of worthlessness and insignificance can feel overpowering at times, and it seems very challenging to escape them. When you feel worthless, the actions you begin to take end up showcasing those negative feelings, which leads to drowning even more in sorrow. 

In Beyond Barriers, Anne Davey Koomans narrates how her husband, David Davey, despite his disability, has lived a fulfilling and amazing life. His indisposition did not make David feel worthless instead he harnessed his emotions and made good use of them by achieving his God-given purpose. Remember that everyone experiences a season of struggle with feelings of worthlessness at one point or another in life. Instead of staying trapped in the mindset of thinking you have nothing to offer, here are things you can do to battle these lies of feeling worthlessness.  

Be Kind to Yourself

When you have sinking self-worth, the last thing you want to do is treat yourself well. If you’ve grown up hearing only bad things from others, it’s going to be hard to tell yourself something different. You’ve probably spoken the most vicious words to yourself. People feeling worthless find it challenging to speak kindly to themselves. But you need to make sure that these thoughts are not your own. A quick way to undo this feeling is to treat yourself with kindness. It may be challenging at first, but the outcome will be great. Look for ways to reframe toxic thoughts in a more positive way, such as saying, “I am enough. I am worthy.” Being kind to yourself teach you how to generate positive self-talk that helps soothe and remind you that these are the truth. 

Empower Yourself

Do you feel like you haven’t achieved anything in life? When you think back, you feel like what you’ve done isn’t good enough. You feel that you should be doing something else, something greater. Now, this toxic thinking must be stopped. Life has a way to dampen our spirits, and this sinking feeling is completely unfounded. So instead of telling yourself, “you’re a failure,” dive below the surface and appreciate what you find. Reflect on your accomplishments. Step away from the trenches and appreciate everything. 

You see, this feeling of worthlessness is just a perception of yourself, something built up in your mind but is farther from the truth. So to pull yourself out of the pit of despair, fear, and insecurity, you need to empower yourself. Remove all negative that isn’t bringing much to the table. 

Do Good Deeds

Sometimes focusing your attention on something or someone other than yourself can dissolve some feelings of worthlessness. Research found that engaging in activities like volunteering for your community or helping someone else in need can impact your happiness and well-being. Doing good deeds can help you feel a greater sense of connection and purpose. Many are convinced that doing deeds needs to be grand gestures, but acts of kindness can be as simple as helping an old person pass the busy street. Going out of your way and some small act of kindness will make you feel more valuable than ever. 

Seek Support

A famous proverb goes, “No man is an island.” This proverb shares a universal truth; no one is truly self-sufficient. Everyone relies on the company and comfort of others to thrive. The same goes for when you’re feeling worthless. Your friends and loved ones are there for a reason. They are people you can reach out for support to help you talk through this lowest point of your life. You are not meant to do this alone. Sometimes just having someone to listen and validate what you feel makes a difference. Challenge yourself to be honest with your struggles and let them help you for once. 

Feeling worthless can come as an emotional storm but remember: emotions are similar to the weather. It can come randomly, unpredictable, and intense, but it’s only temporary. The sun will shine the next day, and everything will be peaceful and normal again. 


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