Small Ways to Enrich Your Life in the Next 100 Days

We are constantly trying to reach certain expectations; however, these are not always meant to be the best thing for us. Sometimes we get caught in an entanglement of striving for success and winding up unhappy. These expectations inject in your mind that you have to meet them and change yourself to move ahead in life. Chances are you are missing a valuable piece: valuing yourself. 

Valuing yourself does not entail being fully satisfied with yourself, but you have fully accepted who you are and know how to work with what you have. Most people don’t ever get around truly valuing themselves, and likely you’re one of those people. But do know that you are a capable human being with talents and abilities that supports you to live life to the fullest. Knowing value will drive you to live an enriching life and living with no regrets. Practicing an enriching lifestyle can bring so much joy that you will never find from reaching expectations. An enriching life is a deliberate decision to savor and enjoy all the possibilities of life and experience, both good and bad. 

Contrary to what you might be thinking now, you don’t have to make drastic changes to enrich your life. At the same time, you don’t need to wait a long time to see the results of enriching your life. Below are small ways you can take gradually and see results in just 100 days.  

Practice Acceptance 

We all have goals we want to achieve, but some of these goals are left as that: goals. There are things outside of your control that directly affects you from achieving them. The automatic response to situations like this is harshly criticizing yourself, calling yourself incapable, irresponsible, or careless. It’s normal to feel responsible in these cases seeing as we hold in our hands our future. But being hard on yourself will lead you to negativity, not an ideal path towards advancement in life. Sometimes you just need to do little acceptance. To be clear, acceptance is not a sign of weakness or giving up. Practicing acceptance means respecting the process and your current place, acknowledging that everything is temporary. For example, instead of lingering on the unachieved goal, you can take an alternate route that still reaches, in some way, that goal. After all, some situations just need a revised plan. 

Be of Service to Others

Although you sacrifice much in the name of success, deep down, you desire for something more meaningful, something that gives a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s possible to experience these without giving up the pursuit of success: by serving others. We all have a purpose; some discover it early in life, while others die without ever knowing what that was. This purpose is nothing else but to be of service to others. The reality of life to be truly enriched and not just have moments of fleeting happiness; you cannot be self-serving, you need to be of service to others. David Koomans is the personification of serving others. He discovered that this was his purpose, and despite his indisposition, this did not stop him from serving others, as narrated in Beyond Barriers by Koomans. You needn’t lend a load of money to charities. Even giving a small portion of your time or resources is a step in the right direction.  

Love More

Giving more not only applies to people and things but also to yourself. Many of your problems are a result of lack of self-love. Self-love is the appreciation of yourself that grows from actions that support growth. To love more is to connect with the deeper wisdom from within. Loving more provides greater self-confidence, self-worth, and positivity despite the pain and hurt. If you can learn to love yourself, you will feel happier and learn to take better care of yourself. Beyond everything else, love is something you choose, the same way you choose anger, hate, or sadness. Making the choice to choose love is the most powerful enriching force you have. 

Being Present Here and Now

The future is unknown; worrying about the future is pointless. There is no need to worry about the circumstances of the future. You’re missing out on the present moment. One of the best, unforeseen effects of enriching your life is allowing the mindset of living in the here and now. Living in the present moment allows you the freedom to shape your life today around the most important values. 

When we talk about enriching our lives, we rarely mean wealth. Spending your life chasing money is a sad journey where you can only reap the rewards in old age. Life is more worthwhile in the present. No one should have to wait decades for happiness and fulfillment. You have the power to enrich your life right now. 



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